Organisation for the Achievement of Reprographic Rights of Montenegro – abbreviated ORPCG (hereinafter: Organization) was founded on 18.06.2018. in Podgorica. By the decision of the Intellectual Property Office dated December 11, 2018, the Organization was granted a license to perform the activities of the collective exercise of copyright, of authors of written works that come from Art. 21, 22, 23,24,25 paragraph 1 point. 1 and 3, 36 paragraph 3, 46 paragraph 1 items 1 and 3 and 48 of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 37/2011 and 53/2016).

On the 4th of November 2019, the Organisation became a member of the International Federatiion of Reproduction Rights Organisations – IFRRO. IFRRO is an international organisations of collective management organisations based in Brussels, with 151 members in 83 countries in all continents of the world.

The organization was founded with the aim of raising the awareness of the society about the role and importance of the authors of written works for the development and progress of the society as a whole. Through the promotion of authors of written works with special attention to young authors, persons with disabilities and minorities. A special emphasis on the work of the organization is focused on improving the position and status of the authors, through full recognition and realization of moral, property and other rights of the author, which will have a positive impact on negotiation chapter 7 – Intellectual Property Law, during Montenegro’s process of Accession to the European Union.

The Organization will achieve its goals through the protection and collective realization of the copyright of the author of written works (novels, poetry, articles, manuals, studies, monographs, computer programs, etc.).

By cooperating with organizations from the country and abroad that have the same goals with coordination and consultation with the competent state authorities.

Affirmation and support for all authors, especially young people, disabled persons and minorities of their writings.

Written works represent the foundation of the identity and culture of each society, and therefore one of the Organization’s main goals is undertaking a comprehensive action to locate, preserve, protect and promote written works from the territory of the state.

Since Montenegro is constituted in 2007 as a civil state, which nurtures diversity, multi-ethic and multi-confessional identity, an incentive for minorities to write and preserve their traditions is one of the Organization’s obligations.