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Computer programs are written works according to the provisions of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No. 37/2011 and 53/2016), and consequently authors of computer programs have all rights arising from the status of author of written works.

The provisions of the law on computer programs do not affect the rights acquired and implemented on the basis of patent regulations, trademarks, unfair competition, business secrets, protection of topography of semiconductors and contractual law on computer programs.

A computer program, in terms of the law, is an author’s written work expressed in every form, including project material for its creation if it represents an individual spiritual creation. The ideas, principles, procedures and methods that are the basis for the creation of a computer program, as well as its interface, are not covered by copyright protection.

Placing, displaying, acting, transmitting or recording in the digital form of a computer program, which requires its duplication, in the sense of the law, is the exclusive right of the author to reproduce.

If the computer program is created in employment or on the basis of an order contract, all property and other rights of the authors on that program shall unlimitedly and exclusively belong to the employer or the contracting entity, unless otherwise specified by the contract.