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The delegation of the ORPCG, led by the exucutive director Albert Junčaj, was on a two-day business visit in Sarajevo.

On the first day of the business visit, the delegation visited the Association ORIGINAL for the achievement of reproduction rights. During the occasion, a meeting has been organised with president of the board of directors of ORIGINAL Damir Uzunović, president of the board of supervisors Ivica Simić and the director of the professional service Lejla Gačanica. During the meeting, experiences in relations with the users – representatives of the users have been shared as well as the cooperation with the national institutions and international organisations.

On the second day of the business visit, the delegation attended the international conference on topic: “Collective Management of Copyright for Text and Image Works” which was organised with support of International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations – IFRRO. The conference was attended and presented by the members and representatives of the association ORIGINAL, representatives of the collective management organisations SAZOR from Slovenia, Copyright Polska from Poland and OORP from Serbia, the importers of technical devices which are subject to levy remuneration, representatives of the Institute for intellectual property of Bosnia and Herzegovina and others. The conference was covered by the media.

During the work part of the conference, the executive director of ORPCG, Albert Junčaj, addressed everybody present and introduced them with the work of ORPCG, emphasising the success achieved thus far and the endeavour for the rights of the written works authors to be respected by the users in Montenegro.

Thereafter, Mr. Pierre-Olivier Lesburguères, representative from IFRRO, has complimented our efforts as well as the support of the relevant institutions in improving the area of copyright protection and expressed his joy regarding our upcoming attendance at the IFRRO World Congress that will be held in Edinburgh.